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hoples said: Mommy Lex and Daddy Freeze would be most dissapointed in their pyromaniac child XD

jfc xD Just imagine them…
Poor Victor. A pyromaniac of all things.

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Ok you guys, I have a couple of empty pages in my current sketchbook left and I want to fill these with stuff.
Feel free to request anything via my ask and I’ll give it a try.

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kiiouex asked: Are you going to translate your book of monster girls into English?

I had that in mind, yes!
The only problem is, I’d have to print a couple of them to make them not too expensive (printing only some few books is more expensive than printing more). So I’d need at least some people willing to buy the English version.
I might open a poll or something to be sure if it’s worth the effort of translating and spending money on the printing. VuV
Thank you very much!

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