daily monogatari

daily monogatari

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2330nm said: ohhh… ich würds auf englisch kaufen. :) (ich hab leider nicht mal die deutsche Version. u_u)

Aw, also falls du die deutsche Version haben magst, ich hab noch ein paar Exemplare übrig, ne. (kosten 10€ + Porto)
Hau mich einfach an, falls du magst. :)

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Wow okay, I’m done for now with the sketch requests and my sketchbook is finally full!

Thanks for all your lovely requests, it was fun to do these! :D
(I had to rip out the last two pages because OMFG, it didn’t work AT ALL. Sooo I guess I’ll give it a rest for today and start the new sketchbook with the final request I got - which is totally fine because it’s something special and totally worth being the first page of the new book, yep ♥)

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